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Kishore Mansinghani
M Kishor, CEO of Future1Exchange with Mohammed Saleem, CEO of Trescon, at World AI Show & World Blockchain Summit, that took place on 24th and 25th July 2019 in Singapore.

Future1Exchange, a digital crypto exchange based in Estonia announced their partnership with global business events and consulting firm Trescon.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019: With the number of digital asset exchanges soaring worldwide year on year, Asia accounts for nearly 81% of global digital asset trading. Home to the third-largest ICO market, Singapore was the ideal location for Future1Exchange to enter into a global partnership with Trescon at one of the elite gatherings in the future tech space. The 13th global edition of the World Blockchain Summit global series which brought down leaders from the crypto and blockchain space, also witnessed the coming together of Trescon and Future1Exchange.

Mohammed Saleem, Founder, and CEO of global business events and consulting firm Trescon have signed an agreement with Future1Exchange, a global digital Licensed Currency Exchange from Estonia to collaborate and be on the Board of Advisors for Future1Exchange. 

The strategic partnership synergy will allow both companies to reach new markets and explore untapped potentials of blockchain technology. “By coming together, we have a bigger chance of bringing greater awareness of Blockchain at the global level through our World Blockchain Summit global series of events. I am excited to be a part of this venture and we will work towards building a thriving blockchain ecosystem” said, Mohammed Saleem.

Saleem has successfully worked with key figures from world governments, fortune 500 companies, eminent blockchain and crypto advisors, global investors and various top-notch associations from various industries across the world. 

“Future1Exchange looks forward to working with Mohammed Saleem as well as Trescon’s s expertise and experience gained through many years of passion and hard work in the Blockchain space. Trescon is the world’s fastest-growing B2B events company of our time and therefore an invaluable partner and advisor to Future1Exchange. Our team is thrilled to get started and begin a new era with Trescon.” says M Kishor, CEO Future1Exchange.

About Future1Exchange

Licensed to provide cryptocurrency-to-fiat exchange and wallet services in Tallin, Estonia and operated by a team of seasoned professionals, Future1Exchange is a cutting-edge digital crypto exchange catering for both retail and professional clients. The platform allows users to buy, sell, and store digital assets. Its current offering includes OTC, Custody and Token Listing Services among other things. For more information visit:

About Trescon

Trescon is a global business events and consulting firm specialized in producing highly focused B2B events that connect businesses with opportunities through conferences, expos, investor connect and consulting services. For more information visit:

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